2012 since New Years
  • We tried to get U-Verse set up. A 1 day installation wound up taking 3 days, including me having to take time off from work.
  • Our insta-hot water dispenser was giving us problems. We had someone come to look at it.  He said it was the water filter and turned it to check the date. It started leaking. The plumbing company refused to fix it. I shut the water going into the dispenser.  In the middle of this, the dishwasher had a nervous breakdown, resulting in an emergency call to a 24 hour plumbing company to shut the water off to stop the flooding. The next day the service people came out, fixed the dishwasher, and turned the water back on.  I came home to find a huge flood and our lawn like a swamp.  We had to call the water company off to shut off the water again. Plumber came out (different company than the first), said someone left the valve on the water heater open and the water was out. He came back and said the insta-hot WAS bad and replaced it (after all of the headache it caused in the first place.
  • I wanted to redo things in my bedroom. Mom came up with this "grand scheme" and, despite my not being ready for it, insisted "now" was the time.
  • I had to put together 3 ikea type dressers (not ikea, generic stuff but the same do-it-yourself crap).
  • After putting books and whatnot on the shelf over my window like mom insisted, I was woke up by a huge crash. The shelf brackets pulled out of the wall from the weight of the books. I missed having my legs broken by about 2 feet.  One of the dressers wasn't so lucky and the corner of the top broke off (thankfully the company sent me a new top).
  • My bedroom is STILL not finished.
  • Testing schedules screwed up my teaching worse than before.
  • The ongoing saga of the leaking pool resulted in the death of a duckling. One of our pool ducks had another nest. It hatched before we could get the pool fixed. I tried filling the pool more so that they could reach the top and hop out, but one drowned.
  • My sister had a triple bypass.
  • 2 days after my sister got out of the hospital, my 81 year old dad fell. He gashed leg on the cane. Because of his leukemia we didn't want to take a chance and wanted to take him to the hospital. He could barely stand, let alone walk. The hospital admitted him. He was in the hospital for 2 days with minimal problems other than bathroom issues and being able to barely walk. Woke up on the 3rd day and his vision was gone. We couldn't seem to get anyone to listen in the hospital. I knew something was wrong and I started calling the parents' neurologist. But he wasn't affiliated with this hospital, so he couldn't come in. I asked the doctor in charge if dad should see a neurologist or have an MRI and he said "not at this time". We operated under the assumption that Dad was having a reaction to the ton of meds they stuck him on, a couple of which could cause vision problems. In the middle, Dad called us in the middle of the night in a total panic - we had to call the nurses station. That was most definitely a med reaction. After a week, Dad was released to a skilled nursing facility.  His vision was still gone. Dad's neurologist ordered an MRI, then we took dad in. It turns out that he had a stroke, most likely resulting in his vision loss. He's at the facility until the 27th, then he comes home. But it's not without huge problems. We're rearranging the living room and bedroom and I'll go into all the details another time.
  • While Dad was in the nursing facility, on the last week of school, during finals, I totally lost my voice... for an entire week.While it did come back, so did the neverending cough.
  • My sister has mostly healed up from her surgery except for one spot that refuses to heal. She has to go to a wound care doctor.

I haven't mentioned all the details of the nursing home, dad's missing laundry, and my brother acting like a spoiled brat.

And, to add insult to injury...
- We developed a leak outside the house. We thought it was the pool. It wasn't. It was a pipe going into the house by my bedroom window.
Wait, let's rub some salt into that wound.

- The air conditioner went out on us.

So yes, I do want this year to be over already.

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